February 2011

WiK Included in Collectors Weekly's Hall of Fame

February 26, 2011
Collectors Weekly's Antique and Vintage Hall of Fame

WiK is honored to be included in Collectors Weekly's Antique and Vintage Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame sites are among the best antique and vintage reference sites they've found on the web. Collectors Weekly is a resource for people who love antique and vintage stuff. Their aim is to build a great place to explore and learn, and experience the passion and knowledge of collectors everywhere.
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What if Kirby reaches the 400th Kirby Comic Art Page

February 20, 2011

Today What if Kirby announces having reached the 400th Kirby comic art page, displayed in the Gallery section of the site. To highlight this milestone, the spread to Mister Miracle, issue 16 was chosen. The ongoing task of WiK and the Jack Kirby's Museum's Original Art Digital Archive is to scan as many pages of Kirby art as there are available.