April 2011

Boston Comic Con 2011: Got Kirby Art?

April 23, 2011
Boston Comic Con Logo

Tom Kraft of What if Kirby will attend this year's Boston Comic Con at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston (www.bostoncomiccon.com). The convention is next weekend, Saturday April 30th and May 1st. I will scan and archive Kirby original comic art for the Jack Kirby Museum's Original Art Digital Archive and for display on WiK. If you have any Kirby art please stop by the Nostalgic Collectables booth to have it scanned and archived or simply stop by to say hello. Any type of Kirby art is welcomed and appreciated.

Do you remember the Merry Marvel Marching Society?

April 14, 2011
Merry Marvel Marching Society

Another great and rare scan at WonderCon, earlier this month was the addition of the original art from Merry Marvel Marching Society stationery to the Jack Kirby Digital Archive. The art contains most of the Marvel characters from 1966. At this point I'd like to add this to the site but there is a big question of who penciled all the characters and who inked them. Kirby obviously penciled most of them but did Wally Wood pencil Daredevil? Did Steve Ditko pencil Spider-Man? Please help, If you have an opinion please leave a comment.

WonderCon 2011 Report: The Wonder of WonderCon

April 5, 2011

Just back after 3 intense days at WonderCon. I'm happy to report I've added 330 new Kirby art pages to the Jack Kirby Original Art Digital Archive. Most contributions came from private collectors including Erik Larsen, who contributed over 270 pages of his Kirby collection for archiving. I'm continually adding pages from Erik's collection. See what's up so far ยป