June 2011

Big Barda and Her Female Furies...Realized at Last

June 19, 2011
Big Barda Cover with Mike Royer inks

The original art to this concept piece, roughly penciled by Jack Kirby, was posted on What if Kirby when the site launched last August (see it in the Gallery). Comments started by members quickly focused on how cool it would be to have the cover finished. The cover was really a rough layout of Jack's concept for a new title, I assume, to present to DC Comics. It obviously never became a reality, unfortunately. Jack's layout pencils below.

Analysis: Thinkin’ of Meskin

June 5, 2011
Mort Meskin Inking
By Frank Fosco

UPDATED, JUNE 6, 2011. Recently on WiK there has been a debate over who inked the splash page to Black Magic, issue 3, volume 1, page 1. WiK member, Frank Fosco took the time to research this page and originally thought it was primarily inked by Mort Meskin (Who is Mort Meskin?).

What if Kirby: Happy 10 Years Old

June 1, 2011
WiK 2001

Approximately 10 years ago this month in 2001, What if Kirby launched on the web (photo, left shows the original website's homepage). My intension was to provide an online place to feature the recreation work I was doing with Kirby's original inkers, Mike Royer, Dick Ayers, Joe Sinnott, Dan Adkins and others. At that time the site had some of the features seen on today's site such as art zooming and Kirby pencils, recreated pencils and recreated inks comparisons, but was all done by hand. Pretty advanced for its time. For many years the only updates were postings of new commissions.