September 2011

What if Kirby Reaches the 800th page - Now the largest Jack Kirby Art Resource

September 24, 2011
The 800th Page - Captain America 104 Cover

Today What if Kirby announces having reached the 800th page of Jack Kirby comic art displayed in the Gallery section of the site. This is an important milestone since the Heritage Auction website has archives of past auctions art in high resolution that includes 790 pages of Kirby art. But now, What if Kirby, with its 800 pages has become the largest online resource of Jack Kirby art on the entire web!

The Kirby Museum Plans a Temporary Physical Kirby Museum

September 13, 2011
Kirby Museum logo

The Kirby Museum today announced an initive to bring the works of Jack Kirby to the public on a grander scale. This from the museum's website:

"Our intention is to set up a temporary, or “pop-up,” brick-and-mortar location for the Jack Kirby Museum during this November, December and January. The ideal size for this purpose is between 800-1,200-square-feet, and would feature original artwork, artifacts from Jack’s life, prominent guest speakers, educational programs and installation pieces inspired by and celebrating the unique work and life of Jack Kirby."

WiK scanning and archiving at the Comic Art Con 2011

September 7, 2011

WiK will be attending the Comic Art Con, “The First Exclusive Comic Art Convention,” in Secaucus, NJ on September 11th, 10AM to 4PM. I will be set up with scanner at Bechara Maalouf, Nostalgic Collectables to scan as much Kirby comic art as time permits for the Jack Kirby Museum's Original Art Digital Archive and this site. If you are a collector with Kirby comic art and plan to attend, please stop by and have it archived or just to say hello.