August 2015

"Comic Book Apocalypse: The Graphic World of Jack Kirby" Exhibition at Northridge University in LA

August 23, 2015
Comic Book Apocalypse: The Graphic World of Jack Kirby

This Monday, August 24th will be the opening of "Comic Book Apocalypse: The Graphic World of Jack Kirby," the largest exhibition of Jack Kirby in the United States. The show is expected to bring 10s of thousands of visitors to see over 100 pages of original art and 3 interactive iPad displays provided by the Kirby Museum. The exhibition includes mostly Kirby's later DC work (Kamandi, New Gods, Forever People, Demon) however there will be examples of his Marvel and Golden Age 40s and 50s works as well.

August 28th – Donate to Kirby for Heros Initiative and Celebrate Kirby's Birthday

August 18, 2015
Kirby 4 Heros

At the end of this month, on the 28th is Jack Kirby's 97th birthday and the date for the Kirby Heroes 4 Heroes initiative. Kirby's granddaughter, Jillian Kirby, created the initiative to help comic book creators in need.

The Hero Initiative ( is a nonprofit organization started in 2000 to create a financial safety net for comic creators, much in the same fashion that exists in almost any other trade from plumbing to pottery.