Bill Wray

Bill Wray grew up reading comic books, watching cartoons and collecting Monster Gum cards, he had no idea he was building the foundation of his future career. After being trained as a teen by a retired Disney artist, Wray worked in animation at H&B, Filmation and Disney. He produced some independent animated titles for cable and commercials. In the eighties, Bill moved to New York, where he studied traditional drawing and painting at the Art Students' League.

In the meantime, he produced comic books (DC, Marvel, Star Wars) and advertising illustrations to support himself. In the early nineties, Bill returned to LA to art direct the legendary 'Ren and Stimpy' show, establishing the background look and eventually writing, storyboarding and directing the show. All the while, he continued writing and drawing his own comics for Dark Horse ('Big Blow Baby', 'Hellboy Jr.') and Mad magazine ('Monroe').

Wray did a 'King Crab' pilot for Cartoon Network. He is the cover artist for the 'Dexter's Lab' comic and sometimes writes and draws its stories. He still does much work for Mad and lots of character design for animation.

Wray always has been influenced by all of Harvey Kurtzman's EC work. Other huge influences on him are Frank Frazetta, Jack Kirby, Hank Ketcham, Sokol and Wallace Wood. In addition, he is known as a landscape painter under the name William Wray. [source:]