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Charlie Chan, Issue 3, Cover, Created Art

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Charlie Chan, Issue 3, Cover, Created Pencils

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Charlie Chan, Issue 3, Cover, Published Version


Charlie Chan Comic Strip
Krackles's picture
Posted by: Krackles | December 31, 2011

Chan ease

Nice done but the pencils being recreated from the inked version, the result looks like a cleaned up copy, except for the new logo, of course.

Kirby-Royer4me's picture
Posted by: Kirby-Royer4me | August 25, 2012

Chan ease

When Mike light boxes from pencils, it's going to be cleaned up. That's how he does it.

Paul Power's picture
Posted by: Paul Power (not verified) | March 26, 2014

FF Annual # 2

If I had the time. I'd light box/ trace the Fantastic 4 Annual # 2 into
pencils and have Mike Royer re ink and letter the entire book. I'd draw in
the backgrounds as close as I could in Kirby's style first and pass it onto
Mike Royer to finish up. Then we'd see Jack Kirby's work get the treatment
that it should have gotten in the inking.

drdroom's picture
Posted by: drdroom | March 26, 2014

Not worth doing.

When the pencils are gone they're gone. Not even Mike himself can guess what they were. Efforts should focus on restoration where pencils exist, not recreation of work that is gone forever

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