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Journey Into Mystery 121, Tales of Asgard, Page 2

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Journey Into Mystery 121, Tales of Asgard, Page 2, recreated pencils

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Journey Into Mystery 121, Tales of Asgard, Page 2, original pencils

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Journey Into Mystery 121, Tales of Asgard, Page 2, print
Dan McFan's picture
Posted by: Dan McFan | October 3, 2010

Recreated Asgard #121

Thanks for this opportunity to look at side-by-side comparisons of one of the greatest Kirby splash pages. First, I am stating my unequivocal preference for the Vinnie Colletta inked version from the musculature of the characters to the inking and white-out effects in the waves and water. Look at the arms of the uppermost character. Royer did a very nice job inking there but switch back to the Colletta version and the artistic differences are instantly appreciable - and that's just on an unimportant figure. Royers inks are bolder but Colletta's are raw. They have more depth. A note to his detractors - I did notice that Vinnie omitted the head of a character at the bottom of the page between Odin's feet. Surprised that one hasn't been published ad nauseum like the tiny Reed Richards. Bear in mind also that Royer probably had a month to get this page just right. How long do you think it took Colletta to ink it?

Great, great Kirby page.

LoreNZo!'s picture
Posted by: LoreNZo! (not verified) | March 3, 2012

Totally agree with you, Dan.

Totally agree with you, Dan. While I really dislike Vince's inks on practically all of his other Kirby work (FF, New Gods, Forever People) I still think Mr Coletta's inks on Jack's classic Thor run really suited the archaic flavor of that series (despite all his numerous infamous short-cuts & 'deletions'), and I think this recreation shows why that is. Thanks.

Krackles's picture
Posted by: Krackles | March 4, 2012

A true ThorTure…

… for sore eyes.
That's what Colletta's ugly irritating scratches will forever mean to me.

Thank you Mr Royer (and Tom!) for bringing Kirby's art back from limbo and eternal punishment!

Mike the Libraryguy's picture
Posted by: Mike the Libraryguy (not verified) | February 11, 2013

Finally a good Thor inker

Sorry guys but Colletta's scratchy faint ink did not bring out the power and 3-d action effect of Kirby's pencils, and of all the stories, Tales of Asgard needed a dynamic inker.

Krackles's picture
Posted by: Krackles | February 11, 2013

If I had a Hammer, Mike…

I would hammer it in your head that you aren't supposed to borrow my lines.
It is my job to squash Colletta's hairy fly footprints!


Jim King's picture
Posted by: Jim King (not verified) | September 3, 2013

I prefer Colletta

Royer's version is too slick and bland, it lacks the raw and dynamic look Colletta gave it. Royer's looks like it could have been done by a computer. Blah.

Anonymous's picture
Posted by: Anonymous (not verified) | September 3, 2013

Tales of Asgard 121

I think ANYTHING Colletta inked RUINED Jack's pencils
Since I am NOT an artist by trade I cant adequately describe what I see that Id o NOT like

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