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Posted by: Krackles | January 6, 2012

Royal eyes shut

Mike Royer does a great job, nicely balancing between tightness and looseness, with his perfect control of the brush and pen while still retaining the loser aspects of the pencils.

I would overall give him an edge over the already excellent version inked by Dan Adkins.

Both slicker and rougher, his inking has a naturalistic quality that captures the best Kirby's pencils power.
He also rendered more faitfhfully the facial expression, especially the closed eyes which were seriously butchered by Careless Colletta in the printed version.
For somebody who found grace among fans supposely because he could "fix" Kirby's pencils, he made Thor looking like he got a black eye aggravating the result by pulling it over at the level of the eyebrows.

Furthermore, Mike (and Dan to a lesser extent) shows some nice flair for textures allowing to distinguish clearly flesh from rocks.
Something that Colletta, with his boring and overused repetitive random hatching, made a total mess of. One can barely tells rocks from flesh from hair or drapery in Vinnie's version.
Another nail in Vinnie's craftmanship coffin.

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