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Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, Issue 143, Page 1

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Erik Larsen's picture
Posted by: Erik Larsen | May 24, 2011

This looks fantastic!

...But I've gotta say--of the pages Vinnie inked--this one fared pretty well. Colletta's strengths are his textures and this page and the spread that followed had a whole lot of that.

It's taken me years to warm up to Colletta--but I'm at a point where I can appreciate a good chunk of what he did.

Tom Kraft's picture
Posted by: Tom Kraft | May 24, 2011

Next 2pgs

Boy I wish Kirby made copy xeroxes of the 2 pages (spread) that followed this splash, I'd have it recreated in a second. Unfortunately, for the most part, Jack didn't make copies of his spreads since they were done on one large piece of bristol board that was later sliced in 2 by the publisher. I do however have Jack's pencil copies from the spread of the Eternals, issue 2...

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