Jack Kirby heirs and Marvel settle legal battle

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CONGRATS to the family and long life to the King of comics!

Now, I do hope the Kirbys also got creator credits for Jack:

Mike T
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There is only one King! Long live The King!

Thanks for the post, Krackles!!!

I'm so happy to have read that article, except for where the writer referred to Jack as "one of the kings of comics." Instead, the writer should have noted that nobody produced as many pages, created as many characters, or inspired as many readers as Jack Kirby did.

This does seem to be good news for the Kirbys--it must be. Finally, after all these years, some measure of recompense was coughed up by the Scrooges at Marvel (although its not really Marvel anymore, it's Disney). I imagine all fans must feel degree of satisfaction as well. But if the Supreme Court had taken the case and ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, I would have very much enjoyed that, as well as what was sure to follow. (of course there's no guarantee this would have taken place)

Tom Kraft
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Excellent News

Yes it is great news. There was talk that if there was a good possibility of going to the Supreme Court there would be some type of settlement. There was to much at risk for Disney and they made BILLIONS of dollars off Kirby's creative genius.

I hope soon we'll get more detail on the settlement. I'm sure there will be greater recognition of Jack's name on past and future movies and marketing materials. I hope also the family will benefit from this long drawn out legal battle financially.