2001: A Space Odyssey, Issue 10, Page 16


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Posted by: John S. | February 8, 2012

Mind Blowing!

Strangely enough, I thought the three-part Mister Machine/Machine Man storyline was the weakest of any of the stories in the monthly 2001 comic. But that's only because the ENTIRE RUN of that comic was so mind-bogglingly brilliant! And compared to any of the non-Kirby comics being published at that time, those three issues were still completely superior in every way. The only down side to it was that Jack never finished the story! We never did find out who was behind the Mind Monitor...but there are some real shades of the Fourth World's Anti-Life theme running through this tale, and as others have pointed out, it seems to be a reflection, yet again, of how Jack viewed his treatment by the corporate comic-book industry.

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Posted by: John S. | February 8, 2012

One other thing...

Mike's use of flash/explosion lines throughout this page is really remarkable. Royer and Sinnott were undoubtedly the best when it came to doing those effects.

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Posted by: patrick ford | February 9, 2012

Is he even human?

This is just another AYFKM page by KIrby from the '70s. KIrby was Gulliver among the Liliputians while at Marvel in the '70s.

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Posted by: el zar | February 22, 2013

I remember this from 6th grade

Cool issue. Looks even better in glorious black and white. Are there plans of releasing a 2001 compilation?

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