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Posted by: Krackles | May 2, 2011


Hey Tom, it's written 24 on the page.

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Posted by: thestikman | February 2, 2012

Brodsky inks

I believe it's Sol Brodsky inking. It has his later inking look as in FF annual 1: page 38 through 48 including "Questions and Answers" and minus the ad pages.

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Posted by: patrick ford | February 3, 2012


I can see this being Brodsky. The crosshatching isn't something I associate with Reinman, and is something Brodsky would do. Also Reinman used a mix of pen and brush, this looks like it's almost all done with a brush.
It also seems likely the four floating heads were penciled by Brodsky using swipes from Kirby. If you zoom the thing you can see there is a penciled circle with the name of the character written inside it.'s picture
Posted by: | February 3, 2012

agree it doesn't look like Reinman

Not a fan of Reinman's inking. Having said that, this is just too slick to my eye to be his work, GREAT Namor drawing!

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Posted by: thestikman | February 3, 2012

floating heads

Good eye on the floating heads, Patrick. Regarding the theory that the heads were penciled by Brodsky: Interesting Idea, but Kirby himself, with his famous bad memory might have used/needed the names in the circles as reminders for which characters to draw. If they are swipes, they are Brodsky's best. Under the Giant man head, I see the remnants of a a much differently structured, perhaps un-Kirby-ish (perhaps Brodsky-ish?) head. I still feel the finished heads are Kirby/Brodsky, because other instances of Brodsky adding or correcting Kirby that I can think of are obvious and tending to be a bit awkward. As I write this I realize I can only think of a few that I will attempt to locate and peruse. By Odin's constantly changing outfits! I now feel a need to compile Brodsky corrections or additions to Kirby for comparisons. I hope you guys will help.

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Posted by: Tom Kraft | February 3, 2012

Reinman credit changed to Brodsky

I updated the credit since I agree this didn't look like Reinman inks. If there are any objections please comment.

In terms of the heads, if these are Kirby swipes penciled by Brodsky, shouldn't the Kirby heads exist somewhere that Brodsky swiped?

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Posted by: patrick ford | February 4, 2012

Heads Up

Yes, if the heads are close swipes from Kirby by Brodsky it should be possible to track them down.
BTW, The central figure ended up being used on the splash page of Avengers #3, but "surrounded" (they are below) by a different group of floating heads. The shots of Thor and Giant-Man are not the same, the Wasp is substituted for the Hulk, Iron-Man has on his new helmet, and a full figure Hulk was added below the Sub-Mariner figure. `

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Posted by: thestikman | May 7, 2012


I still believe the "heads" are Kirby/Brodsky. I've been searching, but I haven't been able to find any Brodsky swipes or corrections that are anywhere near this "Kirbyesque". Some Brodsky examples: Spot illo of the torch on the letters page of FF 3. Spot illo of the thing the letters page of FF 4. Spot illo of the torch on the letters page of FF 11,

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Posted by: Duncan Youngerman (not verified) | May 7, 2012

Dick Ayers

It's Dick Ayers, guys: Thor's face, Namor's left forearm, the shape of the wave around his right foot.

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