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Posted by: John S. (not verified) | February 21, 2011

Shores Inking

Syd Shores always did a superb job on Kirby's Captain America pages. He certainly wasn't the most faithful of inkers to Jack's original pencils, but the results were nonetheless beautiful.

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Posted by: kirbyditko | February 26, 2011

Shores Inking

He redrew Cap's face ala 1940s style. But most importantly, Shores didn't erase out backgrounds the way Colleta did.

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Posted by: Erik Larsen | February 18, 2014


Kirby was butchered on this job. The zoom tool is especially painful to use with this stuff. It looks like it was inked by a child.

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Posted by: Mike T | March 22, 2014

I agree with you two

I think Shores may have come closer to the kind of work Wally Wood did on Sky Masters than any other inker. He did a lot to add lighting/shading, and his work made Jack look more realistic and less cartoony. Wallace was in a league of his own, but the majority of Syd's pages remind me of Wood's. Some of Syd's pages were better than others, though, but given an inker's page rate back in the day, it's no mystery why. Even Sinnott, the most polished and prolific of all, said he wished he'd put in more time.

This is a totally gorgeous page! It's tops. It's amazing how much better the original art looks compared to the 12 cent books! The printing and coloring of the day made Shores look like a bit of a letdown after Sinnott, but when you see the original art you can see that while he wasn't as slick, his work added dimensions to the King that Joes' did not. His work also appeared to be improving over the course of his short tenure inking Jack. I wish he could have inked more of Kirby's work!

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