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Posted by: John S. | January 5, 2013


Pretty sure this was the very first issue of THE DEMON I ever read. I loved it then and I still love it just as much now. Thanks a million for posting this, Tom. It's in darn good condition for a forty-year-old cover! And it's interesting to see the variegations in the darkness of Mike's inks on this piece, too. Boy, I think I really, really envy the owner of this Klassic Kirby Kover!!

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Posted by: Andrez Bergen (not verified) | January 5, 2013


As John S says, classic Kirby in so many respects. Thanks for sharing!

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Posted by: Mark Evanier (not verified) | February 7, 2013

There's no Mike Royer

There's no Mike Royer lettering on this cover. The lettering was done by someone in DC's production department.

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Posted by: el zar | February 22, 2013

The Demon

Wow! Just got my Demon HC. Great to see the un-colored art here. It looks more powerful.

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