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Posted by: yancypantz | April 12, 2013

Meanwhile, Back in the Lab-

Now that's a Splash!!!
Bold n' juicy Royer brushwork- with no loss of the mass that Jack's work suffered from with other inkers...

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Posted by: Krackles | April 12, 2013

Black Magic Woe, Man!

Who Needs Disaster like Coletta's inks when we can enjoy King Kirby inked by Royal Royer?

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Posted by: lyletucker@gmail.com | April 12, 2013

Nice page!

Nice page!

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Posted by: ken bastard | April 12, 2013


If you zoom in and look at various parts of this piece you can see where Mike's line-work is bleeding on the paper surface. I wonder if this is an example of the paper Jack drew on that Mike often complained about, having to literally iron the pages so he could ink them.

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Posted by: drdroom | April 12, 2013

@#$!!ing cheap bristol board

I saw a Manhunter page inked by Bruce Berry that had this problem, worse than this page. Maybe Bruce didn't know about the ironing trick. And it was a rock-steady inking job, full of long, parallel force lines. How infuriating.

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