The Demon, Issue 2, Pages 2-3




The Demon, Issue 2, Page 2
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Posted by: ken bastard | December 22, 2012


This is issue #2, Tom.

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Posted by: John S. | December 22, 2012

A Dark and Stormy Night

Man, this two-pager is just beyond sensational! Great composition, tremendous detail, and the evil, foreboding atmosphere is so thick, you can practically cut it with a knife! Thanks for posting this, Tom. Clearly, Kirby was hitting some incredible artistic heights on this series--!

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Posted by: patford (not verified) | December 24, 2012

Amazing Work

Truly incredible image.

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Posted by: drdroom | January 18, 2014

A rare bit of spatial confusion...

Is it just me or does the heavy shadow in the center of the composition seem like an irrational opening in the background of the picture? Took me some time to locate it correctly as a shadow on the foreground wall.

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