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Posted by: Chris Knowles (not verified) | February 26, 2012

The pinnacle

Those first three issues of The Eternals are the pinnacle of Jack's post-Silver Age work. Incredible inking from Verpoorten, maybe the best of the 70s as well, though Giacoia's Madbomb stuff is a close second. I really wish he stayed on the book but by the fourth issue it was obvious his production duties were his first concern. Royer's inks on the series were good too, at least on his first few issues. Then the Hulk mandate and the whole thing crashed....

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Posted by: John S. | February 26, 2012

Holy GODS!!!

Numbers 999 and 1000 are going to have to be pretty spectacular to beat this. Whoever owns this art, I sure envy them! I notice it says "Marvel Spotlight" above the logo. We know the series was originally going to be called RETURN OF THE GODS before they settled on the name THE ETERNALS, but this makes me wonder if Marvel was initially intending to try it out in MARVEL SPOTLIGHT before putting it in it's own title. Whether that's the case or not, this is an absolutely incredible, historic cover.

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Posted by: Krackles | February 26, 2012

Gold Status!

A mystery quest, long forgotten or hidden civilisations, aliens, monsters, scientists, adventurers and god-like beings announcing the return of Space Gods!
This first issue blew up my 12 years old mind!

I agree with Chris, Verpoorten's inks for the Eternals are simply gorgeous.
And what about Kirby? Anybody could retire proudly after such pinnacle.

But for The King? That was just another line on a list of hits that would fill a phonebook.

5 stars, no less for such a cosmic epic!

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Posted by: Chris Knowles (not verified) | February 26, 2012


I love the first 13 issues of this series to pieces. Some of Jack's finest pencils, some of Royer's finest inking. I still remember buying this issue and reading it over and over. I have to say- and this is high heresy- that going back and reading The New Gods paled in comparison for me.

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Posted by: John S. | February 27, 2012

I Agree Totally

The first thirteen issues of Eternals are some of the finest comics ever made -- by Jack or anyone else. New Gods is a really great book, no doubt, but Eternals is better.

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Posted by: kirbyditko | February 27, 2012

Blew My Mind Too!

I had the same reaction as Krackles! I was 14 at the time, walked into the old Comics & Comix on Telegraph in Berkeley and there it was! I bought (my then obligatory) 5 copies of that 1st issue! I remember reaching the end and wanting more! It felt like I had read 2 pages, not 17, as the story zipped by so fast.

I also agree, that Eternals was a great series up to the "Hulk" issue. Starting then, the fire went out under old Jack. And who could blame him. Even as a 14 yr old, I could tell that the series was obviously in its own world and not Earth-M (Marvel). Even the "Hulk" issues point to this scenario---it's a robot, not the real thing.

The fan boy sniping wasn't coming from us 12-14 yr olds, that's for sure!

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Posted by: patrick ford | February 27, 2012

Absolutely a great series. I

Absolutely a great series. I thought the annual was one of Jack's classics. Although their personalities were nothing alike, Ikaris looked a bit like Orion with a broken nose, reminded me of Brando in Julius Caesar.
Given the pressure from above I thought the robot Hulk was barbed solution to the interference from below. It did derail the series no doubt.
I wonder about the sequence in issue #6 where Sersi transforms the head of a heckler into a version of The Thing.

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Posted by: kirbyditko | February 28, 2012


Obviously Marvel Comics and their characters are well known pop-fiction icons on Earth-Eternals!

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Posted by: John S. | December 21, 2012


Thank the Space Gods the world didn't end today! I guess the Mayans were wrong. If they'd asked the Incas -- or anyone who's read this series -- they would have known the world was going to end in 2026, at the conclusion of the Celestials' fifty-year judgement! (We Kirby fans know the TRUTH!)

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Posted by: Krackles | December 22, 2012

Foreword For a World!

For a while I believed the world ended with Kirby quitting M* and leaving the Fantastic Four as orphans.
Then, we got a Fourth World and the Eternals.

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