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Posted by: Krackles | October 29, 2012

Catch a Gold Mine…

… Not Mine Cold and you can count on the King to admistrate the right treatment!

When you think you already got a kick-ass FF splash (Fantastic Four, Issue 95, Page 13), here's another masterpiece and another favorite of mine.

With art like this, isn't it good to be a King?

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Posted by: Richard Bensam (not verified) | October 29, 2012

Mr. Storm's turtleneck by

Mr. Storm's turtleneck by Moonrider of New Genesis.

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Posted by: Anonymous (not verified) | October 29, 2012

Kirby was known for his

Kirby was known for his dynamic action-scenes, but was just as capable when it came to delivering more sedate scenarios. Such as this slice of FF domestic life.

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