Duncan Youngerman's picture
Posted by: Duncan Youngerman (not verified) | May 19, 2012


Words fail me... perfection.

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Posted by: Frank Fosco | May 19, 2012

Perfection Indeed!

Now THIS is one of Jack's best inkiers. 5 stars all the way.

And look!--an old picture of Krackles in panel 4.

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Posted by: Krackles | May 19, 2012

Ape the King!

Each and every panels from this period is a master class lesson from the King of Comics!

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Posted by: JADowdell | May 22, 2012

The Thing in Panel 4

I feel like Marvel lifted the Thing image from Panel 4 for other in-house ad's and stuff? Is that possible?

Krackles's picture
Posted by: Krackles | May 23, 2012

Wild Thing makes my Mind Think!

I got the same feeling but I can't quite remember where I saw it.

JADowdell's picture
Posted by: JADowdell | August 11, 2012

This Thing image was reused...

I just realized why this image of the Thing looked familiar, it's the Kirby/Sinnott Thing picture the US postal service used for the Marvel Super Hero stamps! I was just thumbing through Evanier's "Kirby King of Comics" where they printed the full sheet of stamps and I realized its the Thing from this page (FF 53, page 12).

Krackles's picture
Posted by: Krackles | August 11, 2012

All Things considered…

… I should feel ashamed of myself for not noticing this earlier as it was the very picture I was previously using for my avatar.

Good catch but what a revoltin' development!

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Posted by: Pete Von Sholly (not verified) | May 19, 2012

lending a hand?

What do you suppose is up with the little blue pencil hand sketch at the bottom?

ken bastard's picture
Posted by: ken bastard | May 19, 2012


Who drew Wimpy on the back!? That's funny.

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Posted by: Ferran Delgado | May 20, 2012

The peak!

Imho, this age was the peak of the duo, and this page is a very nice sample.

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