First Issue Special, Atlas Concept Presentation, Page 1


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Posted by: John S. | January 29, 2012

Kirby the Great!

Another tremendous presentation piece! I'm really starting to envy Albert Moy, who provided all this stuff for scanning. How can one man possibly own so many pieces of incredible artwork?!
As much as I loved DC's FIRST ISSUE SPECIAL, I truly wish all the concepts Jack created for that series had received books of their own. The Atlas story ended on a superb cliff-hanger and dammit, I wanted to see what happened next!! I also thought Jack's updated Manhunter tale was a fabulous start to what could have been a sensational series, and the Dingbats of Danger Street provided still more proof that Kirby was an absolute master at ANY genre of storytelling. If DC had gone ahead with a Dingbats series, I wouldn't have missed an issue!

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Posted by: patrick ford | January 29, 2012

Second issue?

There is a rumored second issue of Atlas. Steven Cohen has said he has a penciled interior page from the second issue, but that it's in storage.
Somewhat related is the odd fact Kirby got so far ahead on Dingbats. There is a complete second issue which was fully inked and lettered, and a third issue which was completely penciled.

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Posted by: John S. | January 29, 2012

In storage?!

That's a laugh. I could say that I have an original painting by Rembrandt, but the reason no one's seen it is because it's "in storage".

As far as the Dingbats were concerned, I thought the third issue was also inked and lettered. And as I recall, there were fourth and fifth issues rumored to exist, but still in the pencil stage. Didn't they mention in an issue of the Kirby Collector that Frank Giacoia had them in his possession before he died? Maybe HE put THOSE in storage, too! If so, I wish someone would take them out of storage and put them all into a book -- because I'd like to read them!

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Posted by: kirbyditko | January 30, 2012

Royer Inks???

Maybe Royer could ink this and pg1 of the OMAC presentation (on an over-lay of course!). It would look grt!

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