First Love Illustrated, Issue 70, Cover


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Posted by: John S. | June 1, 2012

All Simon?

In spite of the fact that someone has written "Kirby" in the lower left corner of the board, I seriously doubt that Kirby did the pencilling on this cover. Looks like a solo Joe Simon job to me.

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Posted by: ken bastard | June 1, 2012

On the back...

... looks like some Jack!

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Posted by: patrick ford | June 1, 2012

No way of knowing

It looks like Simon penciled this in whole or in part. The inking is so assertive it's hard to be sure if Kirby penciled any part of it.

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Posted by: Tom Kraft | June 2, 2012

Simon Credit

I agree it's not very Kirby but pieces do feel Kirby to me such as the clouds in the background and the pattern of folds of the man's suit in his arm. I added Joe as the primary penciller.

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Posted by: Anonymous (not verified) | June 2, 2012


This may be a very loose Kirby layout that Joe did the pencils and inks on. The composition and posing seems very Kirby.

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Posted by: patrick ford | June 2, 2012

Looking Closer

Looking closer a few things I notice are, the position of the woman's eyes and left hand have been changed, the man close to her had his left hand on her shoulder, and the man in the background is a paste over from the waist up.
It may be Kirby did a very quick layout for the cover? The man's left hand which was on the woman's shoulder has the blocky look of a Kirby layout.

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Posted by: Chrissie_H | June 2, 2012

I'd vote for very loose

I'd vote for very loose Kirby. The way the woman is modelled in particular, esp the arms and hand and the odd detailing around bustline of dress, is very Kirby. Also as Pat says, the erased hand of the guy. Kirby did like that kind of floor patterning occasionally too, though that's hardly definitive.

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Posted by: Frank Fosco | June 2, 2012

Loose layout

Patrick and Chrissie--agreed. I already said as much but didn't realize I wasn't logged in so my comment titled "Layout" should be showing up sometime soon.

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