Marvel Two-in-One, Issue 19, Cover


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Posted by: Ferran Delgado | September 19, 2010


Does exist the pencils of this cover? Many of the covers of his last run at Marvel were published in the Jack Kirby Collector in its pencil form, but I can't recall if this one was among them.

Is that number at the back the original price? :-O

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Posted by: Tom Kraft | September 19, 2010

Pencil Photocopies Exist

Most if not all of these covers were photocopied before they were inked. So no actual pencils remain of the pencils, just photocopies.

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Posted by: Ferran Delgado | September 19, 2010

This is what I meant...

Yes, I meant photocopies of the pencils, I'm aware that these covers were inked directly over the pencils. It'd be cool if you could add the photocopy of the pencils here, so we could compare (like you had not enough work on the site and updates...) ;-)

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Posted by: Krackles | September 25, 2010

Oh, yes. Photocopies !

Kirby, Giacoia, The Thing, a bestial man-cat and a gorgeous she-cat… What else to ask for ?


I second Ferran on his request.
When available… Would it be possible, just like in the creations gallery, to show the inked page next to the photocopie of the pencils ?

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Posted by: Tom Kraft | September 25, 2010

Photocopy Future

Currently 2 pages in the gallery section have a photocopy tab. A 2001 page from issue 1, page 3 and a Black Panther splash from issue 10, page 1. These were provided from the Jack Kirby Museum and there is talk of adding more in the future. Right now I have a backlog of about 750 more pages to add to the site so this is my focus at the moment but I would love to add more photocopies as it brings more dimension to the study of the inked version. So stay tuned!

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Posted by: Krackles | September 26, 2010

750 new pages ?

Great !
What are you waiting for ? Don't waste your time replying… Go, go ! :-)

I hope there will be a few pages from FF # 51 (crossing my fingers).

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Posted by: Tom Kraft | September 26, 2010

Yes 750 page and growing

Working, working. 10-15 pages a week. Rand and I will also be scanning at the upcoming New York Comic Con so the archive will continue to grow. All the pages are in a spreadsheet and I'm sorry to say that FF 51 pages aren't yet in the archive.

But you never know what turns up for achieving.

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Posted by: Krackles | September 26, 2010

Thanks ! And, just out of curiosity…

The scans resolution for the pages displayed on Whatifkirby seem to be around 150 dpi.
What resolution are you using for the original scans ?

- EDIT : forget about this question, I found the answer : 600 dpi.

I'm asking because, too often for confort, I've been dissapointed by the quality of some Marvel reprints.
They should get in touch with you to get some good scans directly from the original art for future reprints.

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Posted by: Tom Kraft | September 26, 2010

Original Scans

The original scans for the Original Art Digital Archive Project are at 600 dpi or about 3x larger than what is on WiK. Which is true archival resolution for historical purposes. Art is scanned front and back on the currently best Epson XL10000 flat-bed scanner on the market. Twice-up art is scanned in 2 parts (top and bottom), then later stitched together.

Part of the mission of the project is to have a high resolution archive of as much of Jack's work as we can archive and to make them available to Marvel and other publishers for future reprints as you mention.

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Posted by: nick caputo | April 19, 2011

This cover has some touch-up

This cover has some touch-up work by John Romita, part of Tigra's face and most, if not all, of the were-creatures.

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Posted by: Tom Kraft | April 19, 2011

Re: This cover has some touch-up

Amazing how much John "retouched" Jack's covers. I updated the credits and added John Romita. Thanks Nick

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Posted by: John S. (not verified) | April 20, 2011

Touch Ups

Again, I'd say there's probably not that much retouching by John Romita on this cover. The evidence of white-out on a page does not automatically mean that a third artist has worked on it. Every inker uses white-out. To my eyes, the drawing of the Thing has more of a Romita look to it than any other element of this piece, but that doesn't mean much either, since Romita and Giacoia had such similar finishing styles. The werewolf really doesn't look very much like Romita's work, and I'd bet it's mostly Jack's drawing inked by Giacoia or whoever was assisting him at the time. It'd definitely be a good idea to post the original pencils as well as the finished versions of these covers, just so we could see how much Kirby's work has been altered.

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Posted by: Anonymous (not verified) | August 23, 2011

There is hardly a cover from

There is hardly a cover from this era I have more than the slightest interest in. Almost all of them were based on layouts by Romita, or Severin, they are often retouched, and it's clear Kirby wasn't excited by them.
I absolutely love Kirby's art and story from this era, with the glaring exception of the covers for books he wasn't otherwise involved in.

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