The Mighty Thor, Issue 137, Page 4


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Posted by: truthAndSoulBaby | December 6, 2011

hm...can't be MUCH colletta

hm...can't be MUCH colletta erased here!
IMO, thor #137 was one of colletta's best issues.

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Posted by: Erik Larsen | December 24, 2011

Oh, yeah...?

Zoom in and see the top left of panel two. Thor was shaking off another guy who is no longer there.

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Posted by: patrick ford | December 6, 2011

Crude Outlines

Strange contrast between the crude looking outlines, and what is in many places nice controlled looking brush lines.
I've always thought it was strange Colletta is thought of as a "pen guy" when his pen line is actually a dead weight line with no expression. On the other hand when he wants to he's not bad with a brush.
Zoom the page to get a good look at the weak outlining.

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Posted by: MrCheese (not verified) | March 24, 2012

can't blame the inker for two

can't blame the inker for two of the same hand. i respect jack kirby's work and for the most part i enjoy it, but damn if that dude didn't draw two of the same extremity a lot.

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Posted by: Frank Fosco | March 24, 2012

re: can't blame the inker for two

What, you got a problem with a left hand on a right arm?

Yeah--Jack did do that kind of thing quite often.

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