The Mighty Thor, Issue 141, Cover, Unpublished




Thor 141 cover, published
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Posted by: Erik Larsen | December 23, 2011

Vinnie tried, okay?

Vinnie added all kinds of rendering to try and make this awkward mess into a workable cover. Look at all those lines! But it couldn't save a weak composition.

Sorry, Jack--this was not your finest hour.

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Posted by: Krackles | December 24, 2011

OK for Vinnie on trial

Like if this was Vinnie's finest?

How can you tell he even try anything? I only see Vinnie usual ugly mess.
Granted, this is not Kirby's best composition, quite awkward in fact, and Vinnie didn't help at all.

The best way to ink Kirby's distortion should have been to follow his lines as closely as possible.
His stylistic approach has its own logic.

One that Colletta failed to understand during all his run.

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Posted by: Erik Larsen | December 29, 2011

"How can you tell?"

Clearly Vinnie rendered the hell out of this drawing. He added all kinds of texture and rendering to try and give it more visual interest. Jack was great--but he was not infallible. This was a weak cover with wonky anatomy and a strange composition (you can see that Jack redrew the robot's leg and other things a few times). It's not Jack's finest--and it may not be Vinnie's best either but he made a valiant effort. He added a lot to this.

From the inkers Stan assigned, it was clear Stan wasn't looking for somebody that simply traced Jack's work. Tracing may have worked best and Royer did a wonderful job essentially doing that--but Stan hired embellishers to ink his pencils. None of them traced Jack. They all added details and altered faces and made changes.

And as much as you may dislike Vinnie--at the time he was often at the top of readers' favorite inker polls. So somebody liked what he was up to.

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