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Posted by: Frank Fosco | January 1, 2012


Hans K. said, "Btw, it's rumored that Giacoia assisted Vinnie on the Thor #141 interiors. That's the Replicus story. He's uncredited for the pages although for that issue but he does receive full inking credit on the published cover. Page 12 from that story is here on WHAT IF. Check it out. There are some things about that page that look unmistakably Giacoia".

Uh--it's really not that easy to pinpoint any Giacoia in this. Maybe some outline work--not so much in the rendering.

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Posted by: Hans Kosenkranius | January 1, 2012

Re: Giacoia?

One thing that struck me as uncharacteristic of Colletta's style was the heavier use of blacks particularly in filling in the background of panels four and five. But you're right Frank, not so much in the rendering.

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Posted by: patrick ford | January 2, 2012

Good Colletta

This is Colletta at his best. Colletta also did some nice work on the Fourth World books after he supposedly was confronted by Kirby. Forever People #4, New Gods #4...those are pretty good looking books.
With Colletta I have three problems. First off his sometimes crude hackwork as on the Fantastic Four pages he inked. Secondly erasing figures, and simplifying backgrounds is totally unacceptable in my book. Thirdly Colletta often tried to apply a kind of Stan Drake line style to Kirby's anatomy, which is strictly oil and water. Kirby's abstracted anatomy isn't designed for a Stan Drake approach, and applying it just makes the drawing look wrong.
It's like putting King Kong in a tutu.
Panel four is actually very nice.

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Posted by: Krackles | January 2, 2012


Hey Pat, your comparison isn't particularly flattering for Stan Drake ;-)

Still, you are correct… Aside from being quite the hack, he was most surely an unfortunate mismatch for Kirby.

As for Vinnie's idea of prettiness, although we know he was instructed to or encouraged by Stan Lee, I find his horrendous stock models for eyelashes and fat lips pretty annoying and tiring.

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