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Posted by: ken bastard | December 9, 2012


...Jack just conveinently left off the cape extention to fit the composition. I've been looking at this picture since it came off the spinner rack and just now I noticed that!

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Posted by: pat ford (not verified) | December 10, 2012

Nice piece of work

Tremendous cover from a time when Kirby must have been a bit in the dumps.
Good eye Ken. I never thought about it until you mentioned it, and probably never would have noticed.
It's like Frazetta having a brace of Polar Bears pulling a sled and there are no reins in the hand of the driver, or harness attached to the team.

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Posted by: Mark Evanier (not verified) | February 7, 2013

No Mike Royer lettering on

No Mike Royer lettering on this cover.

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