The New Gods, Issue 7, Cover


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Posted by: Krackles | October 3, 2011

Holy days!

Well, with such a string of wonderful art being posted on Wik, there's few little doubt left.
Tom should be granted even more vacations… like in everyday!

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Posted by: John S. | October 3, 2011

Logo, etc.

There's something fishy going on with that logo -- like it's not the original, but actually one that was pasted onto the artwork at a later date. Compare the position of the logo on the original printed cover to its position here. It was noticeably lower on the printed version. And there's still lots of glue stains in the area where the original logo WOULD have been if it were still on the cover. There are even a couple of telltale marks near Steppenwolf -- one at the point of his sword, which looks like it could be a remnant of the original '5' in the magazine's numbering code; and another by the index finger of his right hand, where it originally touched the logo. There's definitely been some monkey business going on with this piece.

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