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Posted by: MRE1957 | May 1, 2014

What a followup to "The Pact"!

After being blown away by the the New Gods backstory, I wondered how Jack would follow it up. BOY, WAS I NOT DISAPPOINTED! An epic brother-vs-brother battle with Kalibak, culminating in the revelation of Orion's true face! It rounded out my Top 3 New Gods issues that started with #6 (The Glory Boat) then #7 (The Pact) and finally #8 (The Death Wish of Terrible Turpin").

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Posted by: Lockjaw | May 1, 2014

Pretty sure

I'm pretty sure that they showed Orion's true face in an earlier issue. The deep six arc?

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Posted by: ofolayne | May 2, 2014

Orion's face

Yeah - it was shown in both # 3 and 5.
But here was the BEST!!!

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Posted by: John S. | May 2, 2014

Great Cover

But Mike Royer didn't do the lettering on this one. It looks like Gaspar Saladino's work to me.

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