The New Gods, Issue 8, Page 10



Pencil Photocopy

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Posted by: ken bastard | December 26, 2012


Anybody know what the codes are that are all over the artwork? I know they're probably production and file keeping numbers but I'm just curious. They are a part of the artwork now.

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Posted by: patrick ford | December 26, 2012

Just guessing

A-M stands for April-May, 8 is the issue #, and 12 may be the page position of this page in the publisned comic book. It's story page 10, but I assume there are a couple of ad pages.

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Posted by: John S. | December 26, 2012

Exactly Right

It is page 12 in the published magazine. In modern comics parlance, I believe that's called the "lineup (or 'line-up') page number" -- as opposed to the "story page number".

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