The New Gods, Issue 8, Page 15



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The New Gods, Issue 8, Page 15
Posted by: LBJEFFERIES | April 20, 2012


What a page. I have a giant soft spot for these 4-panel interiors. Those last two panels are breathtaking.

Krackles's picture
Posted by: Krackles | July 9, 2012

Call 911!

Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I'll be smashing you…

Kirby takes on Police!

The action on this page is breathtaking (pun intended).

ken bastard's picture
Posted by: ken bastard | December 18, 2012


Look close at Orion's face in panel 2. Jack and Mike have given him a smile of pure enjoyment as he grabs Kalibak by his hair and drags him off the ledge.

griftey17's picture
Posted by: griftey17 | December 19, 2012

panel 2

and what's with the hidden words in panel 2 by the ledge: "Look Not"--

was Royer being a wise guy?

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