The New Gods, Issue 8, Page 17


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Posted by: Krackles | July 9, 2012

For the record…

… Who's the pin-head who got this bright idea and took off the tape and the art along at the bottom of the page?
May he rots in Darkseid's Fiery Arm-Pits

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Posted by: Tom Kraft | July 9, 2012

Production artist

Once pages were completed and ready for production they were arranged in forms and taped together. The assembled pages were photo stated as negatives for the printing process at the reduced size. Unfortunately these "artists" were not always interested in the art after it was shot and quickly yanked the tape off.

There are many examples of this in the DC pages. I have a Forever People page with a huge rip at the top were the tape was taken off. Had to have it restored and a piece added to make the page complete once again...

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