The New Gods, Issue 8, Page 6



Pencils to Inks

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The New Gods, Issue 8, Page 6
Frank Fosco's picture
Posted by: Frank Fosco | April 14, 2012


...that's cool being side by side like that--makes for easy viewing instead flipping back and forth to make the comparisons. Sweet!

patrick ford's picture
Posted by: patrick ford | April 14, 2012


The jaw dropping fidelity of Mike's inks is on full display here. I've seen many Royer critics say things like, "He was just a tracer." They think what he was doings was so easy? It takes far more skill to do what MIke did than to wade over a piece with the inkers lines replacing the pencilers. Everyone knows MIke could draw very well, and had a style of his own which was nothing like Jack's. The fact Jack had the blessing of Mike working on his pencils for so many great issues is one of the most satisfying things in all of Kirby's work.

John S.'s picture
Posted by: John S. | April 14, 2012

Looks great!!!

Thanks for adding that feature, Tom!!

patrick ford's picture
Posted by: patrick ford | April 14, 2012

Best Feature Ever

This is a great addition to the site. Since it involves more work for Tom, I would suggest pages not inked by Mike Royer as pages which would most benefit from the addition of the pencils, also pages where the text and art were bastardized by editors at DC or Marvel. I'd love to see all of Super Powers #5 with Jack's text in the balloons.

Krackles's picture
Posted by: Krackles | April 14, 2012

Feature Feast!

I heartly agree.
Mike Royer's inks are certainly bulletproofs enough. There isn't any urgency for a side by side comparison in this case. Except for the pleasure of looking at Kirby's gorgeous pencils next to Mike's impeccable brushwork.

Colletta on another hand… It's a whole new matter!

Great job Tom!

Ferran Delgado's picture
Posted by: Ferran Delgado | April 14, 2012

WiK reaches perfection!

This new feature was the only thing I missed in WiK all this time. You're doing a terrific job, Tom, thanks!!

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