The New Gods, Issue 9, Page 18



Pencil Photocopy

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Posted by: ken bastard | December 1, 2012


This issue is one of my favorites. Forager's costume design is so very cool. Jack again goes with the mouth that appears to be a living part of his head gear like Mr. Miracles mask. I always thought that was a neat detail. The zig-zag on his legs are great as well how they are always on the edges no matter which position they are in. Sorta like Mickey Mouse's ears. The high drama in this tale is so Shakespearean. Love it to this day.

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Posted by: patrick ford | December 2, 2012

My Favorite

This is my favorite issue of THE NEW GODS. It was fascinating to see Kirby reveal there was an underclass on New Genesis who had literally been driven underground. Unable to live on the planets surface these people had to forage for food on the planets surface and were treated like garden pests. Kirby shows them being exterminated with bug spray. The "good guys" the gods of New Genesis are engaged in carrying out genocide.

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Posted by: kirbyditko | December 6, 2012


The script in panels 2 & 4 were revised between pencil and ink stage.

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