Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen, Issue 144, Page 3



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Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen, Issue 144, Page 3
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Posted by: patrick ford | April 15, 2012

Hold on

I'm struck here by how much more effective Kirby's large profile of Morgan Edge is with the almost faint holding line he used. The heavy line Colletta used really hurts the drawing. As always Kirby is the master of facial expression.
None of the boy's expressions are captured by the inks. Anything wrong with Kirby's Olsen here? The thing is if you look at Kirby's FF pencils what Joe Sinnott did to Jack's faces is not really a whole lot different from what Murphy Anderson did to Kirby's Olsen and Superman faces. It would have been interesting to have seen Anderson ink a whole issue. I'd bet people would have loved it. I like Anderson when he's penciling and inking his own work, as an inker he's too overpowering. I enjoyed the KORAK and JOHN CARTER stories he penciled and inked for DC around this time.

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Posted by: John S. | April 15, 2012

Let's FACE it...

...this isn't one of Kirby's better pages to begin with. And the mish-mash inking certainly doesn't help. I've been saying for years that this whole series would have been much better served if Anderson had done complete inks on it, without any involvement from Colletta at all. I loved Murphy's inks on Curt Swan's Superman and a pure Kirby/Anderson Jimmy Olsen comic would have satisfied both the people at DC and the readers. I can't understand why Infantino (or whoever) never realized that. Or maybe he did, but Anderson was just too busy with his other assignments, so the re-draws were the best compromise solution they could come up with.

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