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Posted by: Ferran Delgado | March 6, 2012

--and it won't be me!!

The famous no-prize, as seen in this comparation:

Terrific page, Harry, congratulations! An unbeatable sample of the series embellished by the one of the best embellishers of The King!

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Posted by: vonrex7@verizon.net | March 6, 2012

it won't be who???

Yeah, I remember that one. Classic f-up! Just got the Captain America Omnibus (had to search to find the one with the Kirby cover, don't you know?) and there it all was. Why didn't somebody FIX that? Leafing through that omnibus is amazing as you watch the inkers change... Chic Stone, Colletta, Shores (UGH! did he ever butcher what he touched! Art crime!), Adkins, Sinnott... oh and Giacoia! I hate to say this but Giacoia did not thrill me back then- he was good mind you... much better than many, but kind of sloppy. Don't kill me! He got better I think, cause his later work looks a lot slicker to me. When you flip through and watch the ink styles change it's very interesting. Sinnott really shines, although he IS a little too smooth almost.

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