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Posted by: Ferran Delgado | November 20, 2012

"Cyclone" Burke?

From what I can see in The Complete Jack Kirby vol 1 by Theakston, it could be the strip "Cyclone" Burke, but the samples shown in the book are signed by Bob Brown, not Jack Curtiss. But The Black Buccaneer strip published around the same age is signed by Curtiss.

The look and theme sure would fit. The samples of the strip in the book are dated of Apr-May of 1937.

According to Greg, "the strip details the adventures of a flyer whose WWI bi-plane is hijacked by aliens. Burke was Lincoln's answer to Flash Gordon."

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Posted by: Tom Kraft | November 20, 2012

Re: "Cyclone" Burke?

I have Greg's book, The Comic Strip, Jack Kirby and came to the same conclusion however, as you mention, the strip Cyclone" Burke is credited to Kirby's alias, Bob Brown. Also the Cyclone Burke's plane looked different. It had guns and a circle on the front panel of the plane near the propeller.

The Black Buccaneer was the same timeframe but doesn't fit since it was set in a time before aviation. So its a mystery to me so far.

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Posted by: patrick ford | November 20, 2012


It a;most has to be Cyclone Burke. The strip was apparently signed Jack Kirby. It looks like Jack used whiteout to change Kirby to Curtiss.
Has anyone seen other originals for Cyclone Burke? It may well be Kirby signed those Jack Kirby, or Jack Curtiss, and later covered the name with a paste-up. No evidence of glue here, so perhaps the strip is unpublished?
Anyhow I think the Cyclone Burke attribution is 99.9999% certain.

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Posted by: Tom Kraft | November 20, 2012

Not so certain

The only similarity I see is the SF theme and the bi-plane. Cyclone Burke was a specific character than flew a biplane. The biplane had a specific design with guns and outside markers. Here its a border patrol biplane in general that just happened to be at the border and was fired upon by the spaceship. I'd probably lean towards an unpublished or unknown strip. Also all the Cyclone Burke strips were signed Bob Brown, no mention of Jack anything...

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Posted by: patford (not verified) | November 20, 2012

TJKC #34

Looking in the Twomorrows Checklist and following to TJKC #34 I see the strip is published there along with another early unnamed sample.
So while it only fits Cyclone Burke among Kirby's known very early published strips, it does seem as if it's an early sample. The other early sample in TJKC is also signed Jack Curtiss.

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Posted by: patrick ford | November 20, 2012

Original Art

BTW:Around various places you will see people who claim Kirby and other comics creators weren't interested in their original art. The fact Kirby kept so may early examples of his work, including stuff from before he turned pro, is a very clear indication he did value his original art. It's not like Kirby threw out pages which were rejected by Marvel in the '60s. The suggestion by people like Jim Shooter that Kirby didn't value his art until the '80s is just ridiculous and not supported by the facts.
And of course once Kirby and other artists saw the kind of prices their art was bringing it increased the desire to get the art back, why wouldn't it.

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