Dick Ayers passes away today

May 5, 2014
Dick Ayers passes away today

[UPDATED WITH VIDEO] It's with a heavy heart that I report the Dick Ayers died today. I've personally known Dick for almost 14 years when I first started What if Kirby. Dick was the first Kirby inker to do a recreation.

Dick was always kind and welcoming and his wife Lindy was a joy. In December 2001, I had the pleasure of stay with Dick and Lindy in their home in White Plains, NY. I did a series of interviews including a visit to the local library where they had a gallery show of his art and life achievements. Then back in his studio I video taped him in his studio discussing how he inked and the types of tools he used. 

The following year I did another interview of Dick after a local Boston Con for over an hour. Other than a VHS copy of these interviews for him and his family, none of this footage has ever been viewed. I quickly put together the following video form the hours of footage I filmed:

The following years I would see Dick at the shows including the NY Comic cons. I always enjoyed catching up with him and seeing his charming wife.

Rest in peace Dick.

Gallery art by Dick ยป

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Posted by: Simon (not verified) | May 6, 2014

That was so great, listening

That was so great, listening to him talk of how he learned the craft of inking. I liked how he spoke of cleaning the brushes with the same verve as using them!

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