Get Your KIRBY art archived at WonderCon from April 18-20!

March 22, 2014
WonderCon 2014

WonderCon is upon us once again in Anaheim, CA. This year as in past years, I will be attending the show along with the Jack Kirby Museum's curator, Rand Hoppe. We will both have scanners ready to archive Kirby art for the Museum's Jack Kirby Digital Archive. I will update this post with the booth numbers when they are available.

The Kirby Digital Archive (KDA) is the resource the fuels this site and the future Digital Archive on There are many great reasons to have your Kirby art archived. The KDA is a project that who's main purpose is to create a lasting record of Kirby’s art for everyone to study and enjoy – now and long into the future. With the passage of time, any original art not in museums or galleries runs the risk of deteriorating or being destroyed in natural and man-made disasters. The Kirby Museum is dedicated to keeping Kirby’s legacy preserved by building this digital archive.