ScanFest, Summer 2012

July 29, 2012
Forever People Unpublished

You may have noticed...or not, that I haven't posted any new pages nor did my WiKpiks this weekend...because it was a ScanFest weekend!!!

Thanks to curator Rand Hoppe of the Jack Kirby Museum and the Kirby family for loaning Jack Kirby's photocopies, this weekend we continued our second weekend of archiving Jack Kirby's over 7,000 pages of pencil photocopies.

With 2 large format, professional scanners, we archived, in digital negative format, 855 pages of pencil photocopies. Add this to the 728 previously archived pages and you get 1,583 total pages. There remains about another 6,000 pages to archive!

Key titles archived included Kamandi, Hunger Dogs, New Gods 12, Jack Kirby's New Gods #6, Jimmy Olsen, Mister Miracle, Captain America and Forever People. A nice find was an unused page to The Forever People issue 8 (as a halftone negative) where "Vykin the Black" is referred to also being "The Sonic Hammer" (see image left). I never heard that one before, have you?

Our efforts to build the photocopy archive will further the Museum's mission to study the works of Jack Kirby and for What if Kirby, a resource to study and compare Jack Kirby's pencils to inks.

patrick ford's picture
Posted by: patrick ford | July 31, 2012


That page has been seen before, it was printed in TJKC #6.

Frank Fosco's picture
Posted by: Frank Fosco | July 29, 2012

Editor Jack

The reason we have never seen this page is that Jack may have decided not to go in that direction with Vykin. Whatever his reasoning, still a nice treasure to discover.

rabensam's picture
Posted by: rabensam | July 29, 2012


Vykin the Sonic Hammer. Incredible. Forty years later and there are still new things to learn about the original Fourth World comics. That thought makes me happy.

Frank Fosco's picture
Posted by: Frank Fosco | July 29, 2012

Jack's powerful pencils!

It is awesome that we'll be seeing a lot of Jack's penciled pages. I want to thank you and Rand for all the work you guys do archiving this wonderful material for all to see. Thank you Kirby family. The Forever People page is a great find.

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