Thor Pencil Photocopies, Part III

June 23, 2013
Thor part 3

As you can probably tell, I enjoy Thor the most out of all the Marvel 60's continuing with the Thor photocopy series, I was fortunate to add 6 more Thor pencil photocopies to my collection.

Here are several pages from Thor 152, the Destroyer issue and the closing pages to Thor 166, the "Him" issue. Great pages and a glimpse into Kirby's original high power pencils before inking!

If you haven't seen Noris Burroughs Thor article, check it out on the Jack Kirby Museum blog, Kirby Kinetics, Scans were provided by WiK.

Click any photocopy thumbnail below to enlarge in a lightbox:

Thor 152, page 1
Thor 152, page 16
Thor 166, page 16
Thor 166, page 17
Thor 166, page 18
Thor 166, page 19
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Posted by: patrick ford | June 23, 2013


The real stuff.

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