WonderCon 2013 Be there! Or you know what...

March 11, 2013

Another WonderCon is upon us and time to migrate west to Anaheim, California, of course with scanner under arm. Both me, Tom Kraft of this site and Rand Hoppe of the Jack Kirby Museum, will be set up at 2 booths with our high power, industrial, magical scanners to archive yet more beautiful Jack Kirby artwork. Any type of Kirby art is welcomed and appreciated. The Kirby Digital Archive is now approaching 3,000 pages.

If you have any Kirby art and would like to add it to the Kirby Digital Archive, please contact us or simply visit us at either at the Nostalgic Investment or Jack Kirby Museum booths to have it archived.

This year's WonderCon in from March 29-31st. For more information about WonderCon go to HERE.

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Posted by: kirbyditko | March 15, 2013

Kirby----Of Course!

Post more art please! I need my Kirby fix in a big way! --:)

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