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Stay on topic. Occasionally, a topic will drift over time and that's ok as long as the participants are drifting with it. But abrupt changes should be avoided whenever possible. If you want to address a particular point that will take a topic off topic, start up a new topic on it and add a post to the original topic linking to your new one.

Images may be added either via a link to offsite images or added directly to your post. To save our bandwidth, we prefer linking where possible but either method is fine to use. Images must comply with the "clean and family friendly" rule.

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Private messages and contact forms are provided as a method for members to contact each other out of public view. Members contact forms are not activated by default to preserver member's privacy. Members can activate their contact form during the registration process or by editing their account. We generally do not read private communication but reserve the right to do so if a rules violation is suspected. In using the private messages and contact forms, you agree to these rules:
• You may not contact other members for the purpose of advertising. This includes contacting members just to get them to look at your profile to see your link.
• No personal attacks.
• No illegal activity.
• Private messages shall not be reposted publically without the consent of all involved members.
• If you receive a private message that violates our rules, please contact us. Because we don't monitor peoples' private messages, we won't know there is a problem unless you tell us.

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Whatifkirby was produced to provide interested visitors with an educational and research website for enjoying, discussing and appreciating original comic art by comic book artist Jack Kirby.

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